YouTube is increasing the scope of its Augmented Reality (AR) Beauty Try-On app after releasing in a small beta earlier this year. Going forward, by clicking on so-called Masthead and TrueView Discovery advertisements through YouTube on iOS and Android, you will be able to digitally try lipstick from brands like MAC and NARS.

Masthead advertisements are the videos you see when you open the mobile app for the first time on YouTube. Before the normal list of recommended videos from YouTube, they appear at the top of the screen.

While, TrueView Discovery ads appear at the top of the search results and when you click a clip in the "Up next" tab. Wherever they appear, there is an "AD" tag in yellow in both forms of ads to differentiate them from other image styles.

As before, YouTube's software will be broken into two sections using the tool. The app will play the video you have tapped on at the top, while at the bottom YouTube will use the front-facing camera and AR filters of your smartphone to allow you to see different shades of lipstick. A color filter at the bottom of the screen allows you to click various shades. If you like a certain one, without leaving the app, you can purchase it directly from YouTube.

YouTube's makeup and style is a big business. The firm launched a dedicated fashion homepage last month. So it's not shocking that the company is making more widely available a feature like the one above. Nonetheless, it's likeable to face stiff competition from Instagram, which also uses virtual reality to allow people to try and buy makeup from through their app.