Over the years, the way we use email has changed a lot, from person-to-person communications to an all-in - one depository for newsletters, coupons, travel receipts and (much) miscellaneous garbage.

This can result in an overwhelmingly chaotic inbox, making it much more difficult to locate the e-ticket right before the party. However, the revamped app by Yahoo Mail aims to modify that with an strategy that prioritizes organisation and avoids overloading emails (Full disclosure: the parent business of Yahoo is Verizon, which is the same as Engadget's).

Image: Nicole Lee

The main way it does this is to group messages into "Views" with classifications such as Deals, Travel, Subscriptions and Attachments, all of which are handled differently. This is conceptually comparable to the tabs provided by Gmail. For instance, in the perspective of Yahoo Mail's Travel, you will see all of your upcoming flight and hotel routes, as well as earlier finished journeys and related messages (comparable to how Google's Inbox used to do).

You can see all of your presently subscribed mailing lists or newsletters in the Subscriptions tab, with the option of unsubscribing with a single tap from any of them, all within the app. One of my favorites is the Attachments perspective, which stores all of your different files in one easy-to-navigate directory— whether they are event tickets or photographs.

Image: Nicole Lee

If you're a regular shopper, you might like the perspective of Deals, which turns all your advertising messages into an online shopping gateway. It lists top and suggested products depending on your habits and preferences, and even lists neighboring deals on a Location tab (only presently foriOS customers).

You can even filter out coupons before they expire and get notified of deals. The grocery stores look in much the same manner, except that you can even use it to create a shopping list. It will also bring into consideration any loyalty cards with a participating shop that you may have.

Image: Nicole Lee

In addition, the fresh Yahoo Mail also features an "Active Update." It will automatically float timely updates at the top of your inbox based on the information gathered from your emails, whether it is package tracking or flight delays.

Aside from organizing, the fresh Yahoo Mail interface was also reworked to suit bigger mobile displays better. Previously, on the bottom right was the' hamburger' menu icon, which was a bit hard to achieve with one hand.

Image: Nicole Lee

Now, at the bottom of the display is a customizable navigation bar, which is much easier to navigate. You can also customize push notifications to understand whenever a major email comes in your inbox.

You do not need to use Yahoo Mail to use the app as before ; it is consistent with all types of email accounts such as Gmail or Outlook from Microsoft. As of September 23rd, the fresh Yahoo Mail app will arrive on both iOS and Android.