Cyber-security is a serious threat to all the types of business including SMB. As most of our system is dependent on the internet and computer, investing in secured internet security systems will surely help us.

It's always better to be safe than sorry. We operate a small business and we have most of my systems on the cloud so we can make sure that all the applications are properly secured.

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The business importance in terms of information a small company holds will be limited. All the important business and transactional records will be backed up in a secured area anyways by the IT division.

Rest information on the internet like a company website or social media account even if it gets hacked is not of any monetary loss. Small companies don't store much customer data or payment details online that is vulnerable to hack.

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It can be a reason why small companies are not thinking of sophisticated cyber-security but basic protection for there assets is what their concern is.
Really awesome question you raised.

We'd like to share our point of view for the same. Cyber-security is surely a threat for all of us, including SMBs, but still, the mindsets of small business owners are not to invest in out-of-the-box things.

It can be solved by the following ways

  • Educating and training them with regards to cyber-security.
  • Startups of cyber-security can help SMBs by providing easy & less expensive services to them, in such cases, the cyber-security startups will earn from sharing multiple small businesses cyber-security systems at one time.

Attackers can harm anyone, small businesses, their owners or their customers. It is time to take it seriously.