After the recent release of WordPress 5.1 RC1, the opportunity reopened to work on WordPress 5.2. WordPress 5.2 is currently accessible. It officially got released on May 7, 2019. It was made public with the terminology “Jaco” named after the well-known jazz musician Jaco Pastorius.

With this WordPress Development update, the database version was being restructured to 44719 with the Trac revision being 45294. For downloading WordPress 5.2, you can update it mechanically obtainable right through the current dashboard.

How WordPress 5.2 is Beneficial?

WordPress 5.2 offers you powerful tools to identify and fix configuration problems. It solves the critical issues and errors concerned with WordPress Development Solutions.

Whether you are a development professional assisting your clientele or you handle your site on your own, this tool can lend a hand getting you the precise information when you want it.

  • Site Health Check
  • PHP Error Protection
  • Updates related to Accessibility
  • Updated Dashboard Icons
  • Plugin Compatibility

Moving to the developer-focused alterations and highlights, which include the following updates:

  • PHP Version Bump
  • Updates in Privacy
  • The New Body Tag Hook
  • Building the JavaScript
  • The Performance Checks
  • The Security Checks
  • Adding a Percentage Score Grade