We highly recommend QuickBooks, which is the great accounting software for startups, medium and large enterprises, law firms and attorneys.

Today, manage accounting is really a difficult task for many of us.  With the launch of Quickbooks, businesses can use it to manage sales and expenses also keep track of daily transactions at ease. When your business syncs with QuickBooks, processes are arranged and orders are fulfilled more quickly.

There are various software developed to manage accounting for businesses, but the easiest and best accounting software for business is QuickBooks which is developed by Intuit.

Here is the list of accounting software used currently in the industries for your reference:

  • Best Small Business Accounting Software: Intuit QuickBooks Online.
  • Best Accounting Software for Mac: Xero.
  • Best Accounting Software for Really Small Businesses: Zoho Books.
  • Best Small Business Invoicing Software: FreshBooks.
  • Best Free Small Business Accounting Software: Wave Financial.

Another thing you need to know about QuickBooks is, there are two versions available: QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop. The biggest difference between QuickBooks Online and Desktop is that Online requires no installation on a computer and Desktop does.

Product-based businesses with inventory needs typically work better with QuickBooks Desktop, whereas service-based businesses or businesses that use multiple devices typically choose QuickBooks Online. Despite all of that, QuickBooks desktop comes in three versions (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro- Suitable for small business that doesn't manufacture products.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier- Suitable for these industries-manufacturing, contractor, retail or nonprofit.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise- Suitable for large enterprises.
This is the question, comes to everyone's mind, how it can help to run my business?

To help you narrow down your thought, We have listed the top 14 ways how QuickBooks can be beneficial to your business. They include:

  • Simple, powerful and easy-to-use customer-centric software
  • Cloud Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Online Banking
  • Simplify Taxes
  • Easier to track all basic transactions, such as sales receipts, invoices, and cheques at one place
  • Accounting reports functionality
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Time tracking
  • Automated backup service, which keeps your financial data safe and secure.
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Mobile app functionality
  • Simplify the process of bookkeeping
  • Saves time and money

Also, it is really useful in terms of integrating with the CRM. Your business is more efficient when your CRM integrates with the QuickBooks to save your valuable time by automating your workflow.

Besides, you can also integrate with Salesforce, which gives easy synchronization for accounts, products, opportunity closed to customer, jobs, products, invoices, estimates or sales order in QuickBooks.