It goes without saying that before beginning a web design company, you'll need knowledge and expertise in the field of web design. However, a web design business also usually requires the following:

  • A quiet and distraction-free home office.
  • Sufficient computer hardware and software, well-performaning monitor, scanner and printer, and digital camera.
  • Graphics, and photos and video software, which can range from hundreds of dollars to charge.
  • High-speed internet, as well as possibly server storage and testing room.
  • A services menu and what you're going to pay for.
  • A contract outlining all the measures you are implementing.
  • A business plan that outlines your facilities, your target market, and your economic objectives.
  • A plan for the advertising of your target market, and how you intend to achieve it.
  • A personal website, including not only your abilities, and your job portfolio.
  • Materials like business cards and brochures for marketing.
  • An accessible network of potential references. This network may include individuals for whom you have previously collaborated with, as well as other experts who operate with associated companies with developers. For example, you should possess a copywriter, graphic designer and a website design network. You may have a client who wants a website, but has no text or graphics. You should include other companies within your network that can be referred to, as well as other companies that can return their customers to yours, for web design services.

The most difficult task is landing the first customer once you have set up your company. Once you're up and running, you can discover a lot of customers with your network. Make sure that you collect information and create a referrals program, as the cheapest and most efficient manner to build your web design company, to attract more clients.

The best way to find your first customers, is to be listed on independent worksites, which can connect you to potential customers via social media or other means.