Uber seemed to have left one product out of the all-in - one trial program. The ride-hailing company will launch a new app called Uber Works on Friday, which will bind companies to temp workers, according to Financial Times and Crain's Chicago Business.

It will be available first in Chicago where it has been in development for a year, while FT says Uber is exploring the possibility of a larger rollout.

Uber built the platform to connect blue collar workers such as chefs to companies that need temporary staff to fill their roster holes.

It seems, though, that the company is being very vigilant not to be seen as the source of temp workers— after all, the battle to accept Uber drivers as employees also gives the company a major headache.

According to the Financial Times, it is teaming up with staffing agencies for this campaign and will sign up with their W2 jobs. Those departments will be responsible for job training, testing, payroll and taxation.

Andrey Liscovich, director of Uber Works, told Crain's Chicago Business that it would also extend the service to its users, and independent contractors could use it as well.

As you can see from the above examples, it seems that staff can clearly see the calendar, hours, wages, skill specifications and even dress code of a future job.

Uber said the platform will "eliminate job-finding bottlenecks" and will help workers sign up for new positions without having to type in their data every time.