Finally, Twitter rolls out a significant fresh function that it teased previously this year. The micro-blogging platform announced on Thursday that U.S. consumers can now conceal their tweet responses. Twitter evaluated the function in Canada beforehand.

If a user does not want a response to show up under their tweet, all they need to do is select "Hide reply" from the drop-down menu on the answer's bottom correct side. Knowing that there is probably a great reason to hide a response, Twitter will also ask the user if they want to block the account.

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When a response is concealed by the main tweeter, an icon appears on their tweet stating that concealed responses exist. Other consumers can press on the icon and see the concealed answers. You can also "unhide" tweets from the article author.

One very significant aspect of this function is that it does not only influence the knowledge of the original tweeter, unlike blocking or muting an account. Others who also come across that tweet will hide the answers. Twitter in its announcement said:

“People mostly hide replies that they think are irrelevant, abusive or unintelligible. Those who used the tool thought it was a helpful way to control what they saw, similar to when keywords are muted.”
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Twitter said its survey led to a more favorable user experience. The statement continued to show:

“We saw that people were more likely to reconsider their interactions when their tweet was hidden: 27% of people who had their tweets hidden said they would reconsider how they interact with others in the future.”

In addition to the U.S., Twitter says it's rolling out the feature in Japan today, too.