Smart tools such as smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, and smart locks for your smartphone, laptop, or smart speaker, can be controlled remotely and they are covering all aspects of the modern office these days. In the future, offices will continue to become more modern and advanced thanks to smart devices.

Smart Desks and Smart Rooms

Your desk can record when you're sitting at it today, and your conference room can inform you when a session is going on. All of this is due to wireless devices that can be installed under desks and tables, or even on walls. Then, consumers can obtain comprehensive accounts on how room is being used, using tools such as Asure's SmartView or OccupEye, both in real time and over the long term.

These systems can have smart checks on personal air vents and compressors, which then operate to effectively heat or cool spaces with smart thermostats. These devices can manage spaces with irregular thermal areas (e.g. stoves or fireplaces), or moisture concentrations that lead in "latent warmth"— areas of concentrated, uncirculated air, which can be remedied by having a constant flow of fresh air in a space.

Because these devices have interfaces that are user friendly, these systems can facilitate the viewing of data models. In some instances, it is also feasible to make adjustments across multiple infrastructures (e.g. with a environment which contains temperature, light and safety standards).