As a bedtime nears, you may ask Alexa to gradually dim the lamp. At its launch case in Seattle, Amazon proceeded its quest to fit Alexa into every imaginable phone today, launching a slew of Echo products.

The firm also showed off something called the Echo Glow as well as a fresh Echo, a high-end Echo Studio and Echo Dot with a digital clock constructed in.

It's a ball of light about an Echo Spot's size, and it can alter colours with the songs depending on your wishes or pulse in rhythm.

You can regulate the Glow by linking it to Alexa, as with most Echo products. You can inform the electronic assistant to begin Campfire Mode, which should imitate a bonfire's hot, flashing lights.

For instance, the light can also move through a rainbow's shades, or gradually fade to black as it approaches bedtime.

You can pre-order the Echo Glow for $30 today if you're waiting for a night light or a flashlight for your child's bed.