TEchRadar isn't as high on GoToMeeting as other software like Zoom, "If GoToMeeting looks like your average daily video conference system on the ground, it's because it's," their declaration starts.

Much of what we stated in our GoToMeeting Pro and GoToMeeting Plus rundown can be discovered from suppliers elsewhere just as useful as, if not more affordable than, LogMeIn," they continued immediately.

GoToMeeting is tailored to larger teams, but there doesn't seem to be anything that the software offers users for a better value they can't discover elsewhere.

Note that Zoom offers many of the same features at a more inexpensive price, while providing extra team choices as well.

Perhaps its greatest value is the elevated customer bandwidth of the' call app,' and why I would suggest it to exceptionally large teams.


WebEx is a highly functional, detailed and high-quality software that can serve small and large teams.

While WebEx is a ' call app ' offering nearly every function a team might ever need, it may take some time for the learning curve.

“With a type of pricing plans from which to choose, Cisco WebEx is one of the few examples of software for video conferencing that does not require you to download and install an application before you can do anything,” TechRadar starts on the software.

Moreover, when contrasted to Zoom, they subsequently detail the price is not quite as nice. However, it continues a stronger deal than the GoToMeeting indicated earlier. WebEx continues to remain a quality product that can benefit large teams, especially those planning multiple weekly conferences.

3. Google hangouts

For those who want a fast meeting, Google Hangouts is a quality choice. It is a welcome feature to be able to quickly record and distribute without editing or using any external software to a larger team.

Google Hangouts can sometimes be extremely buggy and temperamental. Although it has the capacities of audio and video, it does not give much more than that.

I would suggest this software to small groups that want a meeting to be easily accessible to others without much trouble.


Krisp is useful software that should be used by all companies regardless of the' call app' they choose.

With Krisp, a noise cancelation method that mutes background noise during calls, all conference apps can be matched up. The software is simple to use, free to download, and will guarantee that your sessions go smoothly.

Krisp is also efficient when team leaders want to record messages, meetings, or other audio or video presentations that they want to communicate in the team or their clients.

I hope this list of the greatest call application software will help you create an informed decision to use in the future by your group