In the world of startups, day by day brings a new challenge. To deal with these
obstacles head on using technology, below are the apps and tools that are used
every day to optimize their time, finances, connections and staffing.


We're caught into an idea a couple of days a week and we're starving. It is really
helpful to be prepared to order my dinner with the app OrderAhead. Without
losing my thought train, we are able to wander into my favorite burrito restaurant,
take our order and go home!

2. Uber

Tell yourself or the employees that they need to go to a conference, get an airport pass, meet a guest, etc. You don't have to queue for a taxi on the road. Book a Uber operator on your mobile and see who will collect you and when, monitor the place of your vehicle and then exit the post while your journey is waiting for you. It can be billed directly to your company card.

3. Postmates

Postmates can also be supplied from the Apple Store and from other distributors. The app is really easy to use and their fees are sensible.

4. Expensify

We're a big fan of Expensify. Pick up a picture of your receipts and magically
create an expense report. It's a lot simpler for us.

5. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands was my quick-to-work answer for a web browser or telephone.
Never wait again when a live person is online or when they just manage the
whole call. There is an' advance team' to support scouting out or scheduling
meetings for a location.

6. TurboScan

We take a picture with my TurboScan app and then auto-crops it to a PDF which we
can submit from within the software via e-mail.