That's Honda's first e:HEV model. Honda debuted the 2020 Fit at the Tokyo Motor Show, where the automaker also revealed that a hybrid option would be available. In fact, using its new two-engine hybrid system called e: HEV will be the first compact car.

The company has developed the new hybrid model to grow into the future of its core electrification technology. Honda hasn't shared many specifics about it, although it says all e: HEV models are going to be "powered mostly with an electric motor."

The Fit itself comes in five different types, beginning with the simple no-frills. The home model relies on aesthetics and will have natural-looking cotton seats and authentic leather-wrapped steering wheel, while the "Ness" type will be catered for sporty people and will use water-repellent fabrics. There's also a "Crosstar" type with 16-inch aluminum wheels and another one called "Luxe" with exclusive leather seats and chrome platinum plating.

In addition to being the first e: HEV version, Honda's first car with the on-board communication system Connect will also be the latest Fit. It will enable owners to remotely control some vehicle functions via mobile and will immediately link the car to emergency services in the event of an accident. In February 2020, the latest Fit will go on sale in Japan— unfortunately, it's not certain if it will make its way to the U.S.