Last year, a $1,500 mirrored Led screen was introduced by the wellness business Mirror to beam fitness classes into your house. Consumers have since been able to follow the motions along with teachers and see themselves imitating the gestures.

A new service is announced today by Mirror: private coaching. Users will be able to work one-on - one with coaches in real time through the two-way audio and video screen.

Mirror will match trainers based on their preferred workout activity (i.e. yoga, kettlebell, kickboxing), motivational style of trainers, length of session and schedule. Every training will cost $40—significantly less than most private coaching sessions— but you will need the costly screen or monthly subscription, which will cost about $39 a month.

"We democratize quality workout opportunities and give access to the best coaches to anyone, no matter where you live or how busy your life may be," said Brynn Putnam, Mirror Founder and CEO, in a press release.

This will set the company up in clothing, cosmetics and pharmacy for future expansions, she said. While Mirror also faces a few drawbacks— such that it needs to be controlled through an iOS app and has no Android equivalent yet.