Less than a month after the launch of its6-series 4 K QLED TVs, TCL is launching pre-order displays through Best Buy for its 8-series sets. The 8-series is a TCL Roku TV newcomer.

Like the6-series, it features quantum dot LED technology to improve color performance, as well as support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and Dolby Atmos. This works for Google Assistant, Alexa and Roku Voice and is provided with a mobile voice.

Only compliant with the newiPQ Engine Mobile iOS and Android app is the screen. You can use approved apps (e.g. Google phones and iPhones) to calibrate the colors of your TV more precisely than you would otherwise be able to do without specialized equipment. There is an Auto Game Mode in both the6-series and the8-series. It respects low latency and image settings while playing Computer and console games.

Which primarily separates the 8-series from the 6-series is their backlight design. TCL says the 8 series is the first mini-LED design to be used on Television. It has over 25,000 individual bulbs, through which TCL claims to offer "highly accurate local dimming" and "smooth, consistent and bright lighting."

Most LCD TVs have a few hundred regular LEDs. TCL also claims that the 8-series provides better graphical beefed-up movement quality than the6-series, while it contains a "Ultimate Pedestal" stand.

For the 65-inch model, the 8-series costs $2,000 and the 75-inch variant costs $3,000. The brand pages for Best Buy say that next month the TVs will start shipping. TCL also noted that there will soon be 8 K versions available.