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The 2020 Honda Fit will use the automaker's new hybrid system

That's Honda's first e:HEV model. Honda debuted the 2020 Fit at the Tokyo Motor Show, where the automaker also revealed that a hybrid option would be available. In fact, using its new two-engine hybrid system called e: HEV will be the first compact car. The company has developed the

Fender Songs is a chord book interactive to sync the music of Apple.

The guitar isn't dying, don't believe the hype. Yet, to put it politically, the market around the instrument is definitely in a transitional period. Fender has weathered a lot of the crisis by working on one thing: attracting more guitar players. However, it is not enough simply to build decent

Adobe's Alexa skill reads 'inspirational' quotes to jaded creatives

Get over creative block with the Adobe Inspiration Engine. When no new ideas are coming and you look hours on a blank sheet or a white screen every creative person will be aware of the dreaded inspiration rut. Adobe launches an Alexa skill called the Inspiration Engine to flood the

To further simplify your house, Google adds new nest routines

While many people are discussing new hardware, Nest has spent some time explaining how its devices work in the business launched in August with the Google Assistant app. Nest detail three new ways to use Smart Home devices of the company within an updated framework in a blog post published

YouTube's AR Beauty feature allows you try to lipstick by clicking ads

YouTube is increasing the scope of its Augmented Reality (AR) Beauty Try-On app after releasing in a small beta earlier this year. Going forward, by clicking on so-called Masthead and TrueView Discovery advertisements through YouTube on iOS and Android, you will be able to digitally try lipstick from brands like

Alexa may current speak Spanish in the US

It is  about this tine. Amazon customers in the U.S. are now able to speak Spanish to Alexa. Using the Alexa app, we can turn Echo and Alexa Built-In speakers to Spanish or use multilingual mode. This feature enables Alexa to respond in either English or Spanish, depending on

The OnePlus 7 T Pro is a more rapid approach to a familiar design

OnePlus is upgrading its flagship smartphone throughout the year as it has done over the past few years to add a more powerful processor to the phone. The updated OnePlus 7 T Pro features the newest smartphone processor from Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 Series. The 855 Plus, released earlier in the