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Amazon adds thousands of Counter pick-up locations in the US

It teamed up with GNC, Health Mart and Stage Stores for the expansion. Although Amazon's rivals failed to suit their delivery options on the same day and next, the e-commerce company apparently worked on its more innovative delivery strategy. Back in June, it started its counter takeoff option in the

Google’s new apps are about reining in screen time

The five so-called experiments build on the company's Digital Wellbeing tools. Google launched Digital Wellbeing back at I / O 2018, a feature in Android designed by the company to help users manage their smartphone use. Today, Google has introduced five new apps — Unlock Clock, Post Box, We Flip, Desert Island,

Is the OnePlus 7 Pro worth its predecessor's upgrade?

We want to hear what you think if you own this economical handset. OnePlus has earned a lot of fans already with affordable high-end phones like the 6T. Our reviewers Richard Lai commended the strong hardware and slick software performance of the handset, while our user reviews echo his praise

Google fixes the ' bug ' that uploads free iPhone photos in maximum quality

Apple's choice of photo format is too efficient, apparently. Google is about to patch images to allow iPhone users to drive free of charge. The company told Android Police in a statement that it plans to patch a "error" in Google Photos to store iOS photos without relying on the

Spotify offers all US Premium subscribers a free Google Home Mini.

It's not limited to family plan members this year. Spotify brings back another year's smart speaker giveaway, and this year it's much less picky. The streaming music service provides free Google Home Minis for all new and existing U.S. Premium subscribers "as supplies last," including individuals— it does not

Microsoft has a new way of preventing the hacking of your computer firmware

Hackers have increasingly turned to firmware vulnerabilities for attacks in the continuous cat and mouse game PC defense. The rise has a number of causes. One obvious thing is that firmware is important to every device, as the code that defines the relationship between hardware and software. Another big problem

Samsung claims patch fingerprint fault ' next week ' is arriving to Galaxy 10

Earlier this week Samsung announced that some of its flagship devices can be bypassed by fingerprints with a screen protectors problem. Now the company said that it's going to fix the problem in an update that can arrive next week. The problem affects the flashlight mobile of Samsung, the Galaxy