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NHL is upgrading its website and apps to provide more video clips and stats

ESPN+ in the world of sports broadcasting may be Disney's leader, but opportunities for sport-specific services are also increasing. Hockey followers can watch games and get updates through the NHL website and app about their favorite teams and players, both of whom are getting a makeover to provide more details

Apple's Sidecar feature only works on newer Macs

Apple released the latest major update to its desktop operating system, macOS Catalina, on Monday. A lot of Mac owners were enthusiastic about a feature called Sidecar when they went into the upgrade. If you haven't followed Catalina's creation, Sidecar will allow you to use a new iPad with your

Google forces Android phone makers to offer digital wellbeing tools

All of Android's new and future phones will have electronic welfare tools. The tech giant now wants devices running its app to have a mobile wellbeing system, including parental controls, according to Google's GMS arrangement seen by XDA Developers and 9to5Google. The law includes products that have been released with

macOS Catalina is available to download now

It's occurring a little later than normal in the season, but today you can download the latest update of macOS from Apple. Catalina follows on the heels of iOS 13, which after an originally difficult release saw several back-to-back updates. I have been using successive iterations of the Catalina beta

Instagram gets dark mode to iOS 13 and Android 10

Perfect for late-night Insta binges. Following the introduction of Apple's device-wide dark mode on iOS 13 and a similar feature in Android 10, users were able to change their software elements and compatible applications to a white-on-black theme. Today, Instagram is also going over to the dark side, giving all

Duolingo's ABC app will teach kids how to read and write

The company will check the app in the UK. In the coming months, Duolingo will release a new version with a different audience in mind: kids as young as four. It will be renamed Duolingo ABC, and Wired UK has been advised by the organization that it will first focus

Sony disabled PlayStation 4 Facebook integration

Facebook showed that it's working on bringing the feature back. On PlayStation 4, Sony has shut off Facebook integration, ensuring users can no longer connect their Facebook and controller profiles, the company announced in a close blog post. As a result, users will not be able to find Facebook friends,