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Google launches Chrome 78 with forced dark mode and password checker

You can also hope new tab overlays and greater customization. The latest Google Chrome Web Browser has ended up with a new customization menu for the new tab page, forced, dark mode, password checkup support and a bunch of other features for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. With the

Lebanon plans to charge a fee for internet voice calls

FaceTime and WhatsApp might cost you. You may want to consider starting an internet phone call if you are planning a trip to Beirut.  The company of Lebanon has settled on a 20% average VoIP mobile charge for various service requests, including FaceTime Audio and WhatsApp. The government believes that

Microsoft has a new way of preventing the hacking of your computer firmware

Hackers have increasingly turned to firmware vulnerabilities for attacks in the continuous cat and mouse game PC defense. The rise has a number of causes. One obvious thing is that firmware is important to every device, as the code that defines the relationship between hardware and software. Another big problem

At the end of this month, Facebook's news tab could release

While Mark Zuckerberg speaks about not wanting Facebook to be the arbiter of truth, his company is setting up deals to release its dedicated news tab, the Wall Street Journal notes. In a post earlier this year, the CEO said "It's important to me that we help people get trustworthy

The statewide earthquake warning system in California releases Thursday

Alarm systems have been in place for many years in Mexico and Japan which carry out earthquake warnings but a comparable design has been long delayed for California. The first state-wide early warning system will officially be activated on Thursday. So far, large-scale alerts were only available in LA County,

Pixel 4 won't come with free full-resolution photo storage

Since Google revealed the first pixel, those who purchased a phone from the company can expect free photo & video storage in complete resolution, at least for a number of years. For pixels 4, it seems, you will not have that option. On its 15th October event, Google made no

The Galaxy S10 is now available for Samsung's Android 10 beta

Get a taste of Android on Samsung's new phones earlier than usual. In September Android 10 was announced but, so far, only on Google own Pixel phones it has been available. It takes some months for other manufacturers, but as promised, Samsung releases a beta on the Galaxy S10, S10+