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Polestar is opening its first North American EV store

You may have to plan a trip to Canada if you want to look closely at Polestar's cars and see his relatively new dealer experience.  Polestar has announced it will be in Montreal to be its first distributor in America, and therefore its first "Polestar Space." The team has yet

Instagram gives you more manage over data shared with third-party apps

You should learn more about the application's specifications, and can withdraw access quickly. Instagram has relaxed the controls for some time on applications from third parties, and now you have more leverage in your hands.  It adds more powerful data sharing controls that allow you to shut down a genius

Samsung's Galaxy Fold Premier Service launchs in the US

Have you purchased the updated Galaxy Fold now that it is available at last? You have to go with it now with the posh assistance. Samsung introduced the U.S. Galaxy Fold Premiere Service, providing good support through video chat (through the Members App) and traditional voice calls to all

Pixel 4 pre-order at Best Buy Canada confirms key specs

Believe it or not, ahead of Google's October 15th meeting, the Pixel 4 leaks still haven't ended. Best Buy Canada has briefly posted a pre-order page for Google's new phones that announced numerous details (and has since pulled). There should be dual rear cameras (12-megapixel primary and16-megapixel telephoto), fast Smooth

Microsoft's leaner Windows 10 update process begins with new patch

With its Windows 10 patches, Microsoft has been through a saga reporting problems ranging from accidentally removing documents to destroying user data. The organization is exploring a less invasive method to installing new functionality with the newest upgrade, allowing less restarts and quicker installation phase. The 1909 version of Windows

Canon’s cute-but-tough Ivy Rec camera hits stores later this month

Canon's clip-on Ivy Rec camera is making its way to stores after a jaunt through the crowdfunding loop earlier in the year. You could purchase the adorable camera for $129.99 in four different colors beginning later this month: red, yellow, pink and black. And while it won't win any

Google is current researching a 5G version of the Pixel 4

Anything about the Pixel 4 seems to have already leaked, but there may still be space for more on the list. Nikkei's reports suggest that in China, Google has started "trial production" on a 5 G variant of the Pixel 4 (although it could be manufactured in Vietnam). According to