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Amazon acquires another healthcare start-up for its Amazon Care program

Health Navigator helps companies route patients to the right place. Amazon is expanding its presence in the healthcare sector. The company has now acquired Health Navigator after purchasing online pharmacy Pill Pack last year, a start-up that provides online checking of symptoms and triage tools to help companies direct patients

The first electric car of Mazda opens with ' Freestyle ' doors

Mazda is a little late at the electric party but it was probably worth waiting for the little MX-30 crossover it was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. Appears in the RX-8-style "Freestyle" port set-up for both front and rear doors on either side, opening in the centre, "so that

The cooking classes of the Food Network begin on Echo Show and Alexa devices

A Food Network Kitchen subscription is usually $60/year, but it now  costs $48. Discovery announced the Food Network Kitchen program at Amazon's major Alexa event last month, which is now available across its iOS and Android applications, as well as Alexa-powered devices. This features live, immersive cooking classes with

Google's celebrity Q&A app Cameo comes to Android

The app invites people to post video answers to common internet questions. Following the development of the Cameos app, Google makes it easier for the public to interact with their audience. The software was launched last year for iOS, but it is now now available on Android as reported by

In November, Adobe can reveal iPad illustrator

It wouldn't only  bring full Photoshop to Apple's tablet. Adobe's plan to introduce fully functional iPad software may not be restricted to Photoshop. Bloomberg sources say that At its MAX meeting, beginning on 2 November, Adobe would demo the iPad version of Illustrator, the vector graphics software. It would be

IKEA starts to sell its smart blinds in some US stores

IKEA's blinding of its FYRTUR blackout continues to be the truly confusing saga in the USA. Initially, the company planned to release it on 1 April, before the launch was postponed until 1 October. Then came the designated date, and there was no place for the blinds. After The Verge

Ford teams up in the FordPass network with charging companies

Ford aims to convince fence-sitters to eventually consider an electric vehicle by making charging stations simpler. The car manufacturer has established the FordPass Charging Network which includes 12,000 charging stations in North America with more than 35,000 plugs. Clients who buy their next electronic devices, presumably including their