Sonos has a reputation for making speakers of high quality, though not the cheapest. The company recently launched more inexpensive versions of its products, including two speakers that it created in partnership with IKEA.

Today, there's another way people can get Sonos audio for less money in their homes: a speaker rental service called Flex, currently available only in the Netherlands.

There are currently three options for speaker rentals available, as stated by The Verge: "For Every Room," which provides two Sonos One speakers for € 15 ($16) per month, the "For Your Television" bundle that includes a Sonos Beam soundbar in addition to two Sonos One speakers for € 25 ($27) per month and the "For Home Theater" package that includes a Sonos Playbar, a subwoofer and two Sonos One speakers.

By contrast, it costs € 229 ($251) to buy a Sonos One in the Netherlands, a Beam costs € 449 ($493), a Playbar costs € 799 ($877) and a subwoofer costs € 799 ($877).

Sonos says the service is adjustable and every month can be changed or cancelled. So the system could be a good option for home cinema lovers who are landlords or who want to check out the goods before throwing down a lot of cash.

A Sonos spokeswoman confirmed that Flex is currently limited to the Netherlands and that the company has nothing to say with respect to its plans for expansion.