Today, technology is remarkably developing. It almost affects our whole life and society. In addition, technology also helps and supports us a lot of our work. Of course, a modern office will be indispensable useful tool so that they can support your work best.

Here are some recommended technology products:

1.Lenovo ThinkVision LT2323z ($400)

Lenovo has a intriguing fresh approach: a touch-activated monitor that believes it is a phone.

It is also suitable for conference video and voice calls over the Web with a 1920x1080 HD screen and not one, but two digital microphones. Think huge iPhone, but desktop-optimized. Moreover, it is a nifty instrument to present.

2. Apple iMac ($1,299)

High graphics strength was at one moment restricted to Apple goods in the top shelf, but no longer. This sleek all-in-one desktop with its 21.5 inch screen and 2,7GHz processor recently redesigned and upgraded provides high 1 TB storage (most of which are small companies) plus 8 GB active memory, along with decent slots for expansion and customization possibilities.

3. Olloclip 3-in-1 photo lens ($70)

Maybe the coolest iPhone picture gadget for less than $100, the olloclip is a snap-on instrument that makes your camera a potent fissure, broad angle or macro lens. The quality of the images is not printable, but amazingly unique findings are obtained particularly for the fast, on-the-fly social media and web content. Your company will feed you on the best news.