Connected chairs

There are many opportunities to create a convenient and modern office workspace. Many companies decorate their rooms with regular desks, standing desks, couches, and bean bag chairs, so staff can decide where to work at any time.

Your workspace must be both convenient and efficient in order to achieve peak productivity. Well, it is both convenient and affordable to implement office chairs with electrical outlets and USB ports.

There is even has a flip-up privacy panel, so a single work area can provide opportunities for both interaction and privacy, according to the requirements of the employee. A couch version is also available.

Treadmill desks

Standing desks are so old fashion! Creative ideas come more easily when you are active. Studies show that using treadmill desks improve memory and concentration, attention to detail, and increased productivity. Additionally, you get an excellent workout as a reward.

3D printers

The advantages of 3D printing, fast prototyping, and unlimited customization, are evident if your business offers any sort of physical product. However, even software and service companies can profit from having the ability to create literally any product on demand.

The possibilities of this technology for offices are just starting to be discovered - these Ten 3D Printing Office Hacks from CEL-Robox CEO Chris Elsworthy are noteworthy examples.


At last, without a software tool, this list would be incomplete. Zapier is the ultimate office software as it enables you to link and automate workflows and communication between all the applications you use.

For example, when you publish blogs or put products into your online store, you can automatically post updates to social media. You can then automatically attach new clients to email boards, tweeters and CRMs, and exchange information automatically using Google Docs, Feedly, Buffer and Evernote. You can also connect new customers to the online store.

With over 500 applications, Zapier integrates and adds more, constantly. Would you like more tech equipment? Check our free ebook for techniques to improve productivity in your workplace.