Research demonstrates that a company's efficiency can be severely impacted by the volume of workspace clutter. A reduction in productivity generally leads to a reduction in profit. This issue is effects small companies working in larger areas, even more. However, the issue is simple to resolve.

Here are some effective design tips:

  1. Inventory System Design

Design a system for necessities such as paper, stationery and ink cartridges. This way you only ever keep stock of what you need. When an apartment gets cluttered, it's hard to discover what you need readily, and you can order more of what you already have.

2. Remove ‘Just in Case’ Items

Re-assess the products that you keep for 'if only' circumstances. Identify the probability that each product that you do not frequently use will be useful, and eliminate anything that is useless.

3. Physical Files Should Be Removed

Digitize all your documents to delete space-consuming physical files. Receipts, invoices, and other key paperwork may be held digitally and frequently backed up, to safeguard against catastrophe.

4. Reduce Printing

Take one step further in digitizing your accounts and invoices, by writing nothing if you can write it on the desktop.

5. Shred Old Documents

Any document that requires a temporary physical duplicate should be removed once its usefulness has disappeared. Using your own shredder is useful to protect your personal information, but operating with a paper shredder saves even more time, if that is not such an inconvenience.

6. Print On Two Sides

Where feasible, all papers requiring physical records should be published double-sided. This reduces the amount of paper you needto keep in stock, while retaining the physical file size.

7. Task Manage Online

Use memos and assignment guides by telephone, and use personal internet messaging applications, such as Whatsapp, for an internet-based business advisory panel.

8. Recycle

Learn how and where everything can be recycled, so that large amounts of vacant ink, wasted batteries, lights, and other such products do not wind up being dumped in the trash.

9. Furniture Design Hacks

An interesting office hack for decluttering is to use the same flooring from wall to wall, to help give the area a sense of place. Small rugs or carpeted areas break the space up and make it feel smaller than it needs to.

10. Small Desks

Perhaps you are the big boss but don't need to have a big office. Exchange large workstations for minimalist workplaces that offer the correct room for the respective activities carried out.