You will need to use a discount code to get the maximum discount. A Rakuten retailer has reduced Bose's famous QC35 II noise-canceling headphones by $86.04 if you've got a long-haul flight coming up.

The headphones are now priced at $263.95 with the discount. Using the "SAVE15" coupon code that Rakuten is now selling, you can get an additional 15 percent off after tax.

A $50 discount is typically the most you'll see on the QC35 II headphones to put those savings into perspective.

Although they are no longer the best noise-canceling headphones you can find, the market's elder statesmen are the QC35 II headphones.

For years, they have protected the wellbeing of frequent flyers from planes full of screaming babes, and as such, they swear by a lot of people.

Highlights include 20-hour battery life, built-in Google Assistant and Alexa, and AAC Bluetooth audio codec support for Iphones.

These are also known to be one of the most convenient noise-canceling headphones that you can purchase at the moment.