Have you purchased the updated Galaxy Fold now that it is available at last? You have to go with it now with the posh assistance.

Samsung introduced the U.S. Galaxy Fold Premiere Service, providing good support through video chat (through the Members App) and traditional voice calls to all purchasers of the foldable phone. You can also get in-person lessons if you're in the correct location.

Premiere Service also contains a discount for the folding screen on the first replacement, lowering it to $149 whether you are visiting specific service locations or receiving an expedited mail-in. As tests mentioned the inner screen might not last as long as Samsung estimates, you really need it too.

Officially, the additional support is a recognition that the Fold is both innovative and very costly software. You'd probably expect Samsung to coddle you when in a couple of years you've spent $1,980 on a phone that's going to be just as outdated. At the same time, if you are willing to live on the cutting edge, but want a better safety net should things go wrong, it could make all the difference.