Samsung is lastly prepared to sell Galaxy Fold in the US after months of drama stemming from flaky review units and questionable layout decisions.

Assuming you've got $1,980 prepared, on September 27th you can request your own foldable from either AT&T (if you're already a subscriber) or from Best Buy or Samsung retail outlets (which offer enabled and AT&T designs). As always, however, we're left with one important issue: do you truly buy one of these stuff?

Source: Engadget

Well, it really relies on how much confidence you have in Samsung. When the Fold was introduced previously this month in Korea and areas of Europe, Samsung supplied clients with what it calls "Premier Service," which involves one-on - one assistance starting with the Fold and its equipment, plus "immediate access to Samsung specialists" for 24/7 advice and assistance. That's helpful, and helps create the price of the Fold a little more palatable, but the true determining variables are Samsung's physical fixes produced to its first foldable.

While preparing our initial Galaxy Fold evaluation, we did not run into any important problems, but some reviewers harmed their equipment by trying to remove a plastic protective coating that looked like a screen protector. Samsung expanded that safety layer in this fresh model to bend under the bezels of the inner screen, rendering it (at least theoretically) non-removable.

Credit: Digital trends

Also, Samsung locked off the top and bottom corners of the hinge in order to avoid dust and debris from reaching the device and causing havoc on its innards. And beyond that, there are additional steel parts beneath the foldable panel itself— merge that with the hinge's more safe locking system, and we're left with a variant of the Galaxy Fold that looks significantly more sturdy than the one we've completely tried back in April.

Even with all that said, the basic structure of the Fold implies you're going to have to handle it more carefully than most smartphones— Samsung even released a reminder previously this week that you should be very cautious about it. Until we get one for initial, final experimentation, it's hard to tell if the refurbishment of Samsung is enough to create the Galaxy Fold more than just the costly experiment we believed it was. Still, we can all eventually begin moving on with our life now that we have an official launch date on the novels.