They have right access to Google Assistant and Play Store. Samsung has launched not one, but two Chromebook 3 follow-up computers, both of which are as inexpensive as their predecessor.

The Chromebook 4 has an 11.6-inch HD screen (1.366x 768 pixels) and weights 2.6 pounds like its counterpart, while the bigger Chromebook 4 + has a 15.6-inch FHD display (1.920x 1.080) and weighs 3.75 pounds a little more.

All systems are operated by a Celeron N4000 cpu, with storage capacity up to 64 GB and RAM up to 6 GB. These also have Wi-Fi support for Gigabit, as well as built-in Google Assistant and Play Store access.

Samsung claims the smaller Chromebook can last on a single charge for up to 12.5 hours, however, while the larger one has a shorter battery life of up to 10.5 hours. As you can see in the images, there also tend to be narrower bezels on the smaller device.

Whatever you choose, you certainly won't leave your bank account empty: Chromebook 4 prices start at $230, while Chromebook 4+ would set you back at least $300. These are now available from Best Buy, the website of Samsung and chosen stores.