Samsung delayed the launch of Galaxy Fold to solve its problems after an early roll out in the hands of critics placed harmed units.

Source: Samsung

The new Fold feels more robust than before when we attempted it at IFA, but it still looks like the tech giant expects you to take additional great care of the phone when you purchase it. Samsung has released a fresh video of the care manual illustrating the characteristics of the model with guidance on what to do when managing it.

It begins with a reminder that the screen of the Fold is safe and does not need any additional film — one of the factors early units were harmed was because the sheet was taken off by critics. However, the video also recommends "use a light touch" to prospective customers.

Next, the video describes that the Fold was "influenced by the accuracy of watch mechanics" created with an integrated spine and that you should maintain it free of water and dust.

Credit: Engadget

When the unit was developed by Samsung, it introduced caps to the hinge's top and bottom corners as dust entered the earlier hinge structure and jammed the system. Why the business still needs you to safeguard it from dust and how it expects you to do that is not quite evident.

At last, the corporation shows that when finished, the unit utilizes strategically positioned magnets to maintain it safe. That's why it shouldn't be put close buttons or coins that might harm it, according to Samsung.

Also, the device should not be kept close to debit or credit cards, which means that with everything else you can't just throw it into your bag or purse. Samsung even says that if you have an implantable medical device, you may want to consult your doctor before using it.