The Taycan electric supercar from Porsche will be the first ever car to have an integrated, independent Apple Music app.

This is different from integrating CarPlay into your car and thereby accessing Apple Music. According to TechCrunch, who spoke to Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche North America, the Apple ID of the car owner will be linked to the Porsche Taycan ID and their music collection will always be available in the car without pairing or signing in.

The Apple Music version is available via Taycan's touchscreen display, and users can also invoke it via voice commands and playlists, radio stations, albums, and individual songs.

Porsche will provide free data service to Taycan owners for three years. But Porsche seems to be preparing to take this integration further and into other vehicles, as both new and existing Porsche owners will receive Apple Music's free six-month subscription.

It costs $9.99 a month for someone who owns a Porsche, but a nice touch, not a huge amount. Zellmer told TechCrunch that when it comes to privacy, Porsche and Apple had the "same attitude." Porsche supports the cars of Apple CarPlay, but not the Android Auto system of Google

We are likely to see this type of integration trickle down into other Porsches and other cars, particularly luxury models. CarPlay is nice, but a direct integration with free data makes it a little easier to access your music.

You can't buy the Taycan yet, even if you're going to be able to afford the car, which will probably start at about $75,000. Taycan will be launched officially in September and is scheduled to be available in 2020.