You may have to plan a trip to Canada if you want to look closely at Polestar's cars and see his relatively new dealer experience.  Polestar has announced it will be in Montreal to be its first distributor in America, and therefore its first "Polestar Space."

The team has yet to select an area in the city, but from 2020 you can shop electric vehicles for the brand. Spaces in Toronto and Vancouver will join Montreal and a strategically positioned shopping network in the United States (although not specific).

Like cars themselves, Polestar's retail strategy is an attempt to split the convention apart. Instead of getting involved with traditional dealerships and commissioned sales agents (which are still here), Spaces encourages you to sample vehicles and buy one on your own terms (including test drives).

Credit: Engadget

To some point, it's necessary to change how you first pay for a vehicle, despite the actions of Polestar and his Volvo family. If everything goes right, you will not have to buy or rent a Polestar electric vehicle only through a rental. Traditional dealerships are not much needed under this model, even if these dealers often continue to be ignored.