Believe it or not, ahead of Google's October 15th meeting, the Pixel 4 leaks still haven't ended. Best Buy Canada has briefly posted a pre-order page for Google's new phones that announced numerous details (and has since pulled).

There should be dual rear cameras (12-megapixel primary and16-megapixel telephoto), fast Smooth Displays and Snapdragon 855 processors with 6 GB of RAM for both the standard Pixel 4 and its XL equivalent.

Credit: The Verge

It also refers to hands-free gestures as Fast Gestures and indicates that you will again have a deal providing unrestricted full-quality photo and video uploads to Google Photos— at least for a while.

The pre-order site only allowed deposits in black or white on 64 GB editions, while 128 GB and Pixel 4 variants in coral color are planned. No cost and distribution exists, so it's not known how early the devices will be eligible or whether they will be bearing a discount over the Pixel 3.

The page of Best Buy leaves a lot of unknowns about the products s. For example, will Google Assistant's raise-to-talk and other next-gen features be available at or shortly after launch?

These were not listed on the product page, but they aren't really off the agenda. On the 15th, Google may still have some surprises left, even if they aren't as many as the company might want.