• Tablet-Based User Management

In several businesses follow the best strategy at any specified moment to keep a record of who is in their workplace.

They do it for a multitude of purposes: complying with safety laws, improving emergency evacuation protocols, and protecting, to name a few, their intellectual assets.

But absence of attention to the delivery region has repercussions even in the most informal office setting.

Uninvited guests come in and disturb staff, or in the reception region are left waiting and confused.

If you are still using an unofficial front desk system or using a paper schedule and forms to monitor the coming and going of guests, you are lacking a great chance to enhance productivity and attract tourists to your office with a lovely, simplified scheme.

Modern electronic guest monitoring devices allow office employees to customize the check-in stream and make a separate notification chain when a user comes. Then, when tourists come in, they just use an iPad to rapidly and easily take them through the workflow and then notify their guest.

They may even interact straight from the system with their host. For extra safety, Tablet-Based User Management can also incorporate badge printers and cameras into one scheme

  • Modern Breakrooms

Another major breakroom tech upgrade can come from a vending machine upgrade.

Some businesses are currently investing in "micro-markets" to turn their breakrooms into something near to a small bodega or convenience store.

In relation to conventional sugar drinks and chip boxes, micro-markets let businesses fill their breakroom with products like new fruit, salads, and wraps.

Employees often enjoy the capacity to see their meals closely before buying it and potentially see nutritional information before making the purchase.

Check out Canteen's Smart Market or Aramark's Vibe Fresh Market for a few more instances of this in practice.