If you want a simple mobile PC instead of one of its more exotic designs, Microsoft has excellent news: there's a fresh Surface Laptop in city. The Surface Laptop 3 retains a lot of the familiar layout (more in a bit about that), but under the hood there's a lot more energy.

A 15-inch model with unique Surface Edition AMD Ryzen processors and Vega 11 graphics is now available for a beginning— this is not going to be a hardcore gaming computer, but it should have some additional visual oomph. Intel Ice Lake chips are also available on the 13.5-inch quad-core 10th-generation, so you'll have some computing energy decisions.

Microsoft brags about Surface Laptop 3 being twice as fast as its sibling and three times quicker than MacBook Air (using a very low voltage module). In true lives, of course, we will have to confirm those allegations.

On the outside, the design seems similar, but there are many subtle and not - so-subtle changes. It now has an aluminum coating that does not have a coating of Alcantara.

More importantly, however, it is useful. For instance, you can open it and upgrade the memory. You can also imagine a trackpad that is 20 percent bigger, USB-A / USB-C connections and a quickly charging scheme that can load the laptop 80 percent in less than an hour (using the proprietary charger, not USB-C).

Both devices are now up for pre-order, beginning at $999 for the 13.5-inch laptop and $1,199 for its 15-inch counterpart, launched October 22nd.