That's in addition to a feasible variant based on AMD. To date, if you wanted a Microsoft-made laptop larger than 13.5 inches, you had to buy a Surface Book 2.

But maybe you won't have to invest so much to get a big surface soon. The historically precise WinFuture argues that at its October 2nd case, Microsoft will reveal a 15-inch flavor of the next Surface Laptop (probably the Surface Laptop 3).

Credit: Engadget
Credit: The Verge

Most of the information are not accessible at this point, but it is reported that Microsoft intends to maintain the 3:2 display aspect ratio higher than usual as it did for the bigger Surface Book.

There may be more press gathering shake-ups. The Verge hopes an AMD-powered Surface Laptop 3 (the first AMD-based Surface of any kind) at the case, although it is uncertain whether the fresh chip choice would be accessible in the 15-inch scheme, the 13.5-inch or both.

The 2nd October introduction could feature a broad range of touch systems, including an enhanced Surface Pro, a Qualcomm Snapdragon-based scheme, and a dual-screen surface teaser. It wouldn't reflect Microsoft's radical exit (outside the teaser), but it would diversify a roster that is still quite tiny.