The group in gaming can be competitive and often disrespectful. Microsoft is introducing new content filters in an attempt to make Xbox more friendly and inclusive. Xbox Insiders can pick one of four filters that will remove abusive or insulting messages instantly starting today.

Source: Xbox

There are four grades in the filters: nice, medium mature and unfiltered. The nice filter is the standard for all kid accounts— though you can change it if you want— and mask as much language as possible that is potentially offensive.

The media filter blocks words that were meant to discriminate or bully, but allows some friendly conversation about trash. The advanced mode will only cover vocabulary that is almost always insulting, and you can pick the unfiltered setting, which is pretty self-explaining, if you would like to see it all. You can also set different preferences for friends ' messages and requests for messages.

Although text filters are only currently available for Xbox Insiders, Microsoft plans to roll them out later this fall to all customers. On consoles, PC or phone, they will be visible. They support 21 languages to begin with. Microsoft is planning to bring different filtering for accounts, Looking For Team, Teams and the feed for Xbox play, but it has not announced a timetable for those updates.