As with any release of Microsoft's product, the firm spent a good part of its fall hardware case explaining how Office 365 interacts with its new devices. While those changes did not take centerstage, they were explained by Microsoft in a separate blog post posted to the company's website.

To start with, Microsoft is planning to add new Word audio editing tools. Word can automatically transcribe any audio you send to Word or record directly within the app with the aid of the company's Azure Speech Services system. It will also group audio per speaker pieces, making it easy to find specific recording bits. There is also built-in drag and drop support to the side panel of audio transcription, so it looks like dealing with quotes will be easy.

It's odd to think that Microsoft is only bringing stylus support for Excel now, yet beginning next year, you will also be able to use a virtual pen to write, modify and erase figures in the famous spreadsheet software of the business. Likewise, you will finally be able to add comments to papers using a stylus and your speech using the Ink Editor in Office 365. Previously, only making feedback with a keyboard was necessary.

Nonetheless, the most important features that Microsoft plans to add to Office 365 are aligned with the Surface Earbuds and Surface Pro X. Microsoft says the microphones of the Surface Earbuds would make the Live Caption and Subtitles in PowerPoint more precise.

You can also use one Surface Earbud as a slideshow clicker when keeping the other in your ear. In this way, while still progressing a slideshow, you can listen to the Presenter Coach from PowerPoint. Whereas, once you remove the Slim Pen from its TypeCover slot, the Surface Pro X will sense and tell you all you can do with the stylus.

In addition to the Surface Pro X and Surface Earbuds-related updates, you can look forward to most of Microsoft's comprehensive new features coming into Office 365 throughout the first half of 2020 now. The device-specific enhancements to the Office will be introduced later this fall as Surface Earbuds and Surface Pro X are available.