Mazda is a little late at the electric party but it was probably worth waiting for the little MX-30 crossover it was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. Appears in the RX-8-style "Freestyle" port set-up for both front and rear doors on either side, opening in the centre, "so that consumers can find new and creative ways of using their vehicle," in addition to its 35.5 kWh LITY Ion battery and E-Skyactiv.

Source: Mazda Official Web

The freestyle doors-open at 82 grades in the front and 80 grades in the back-should make it easier than ever to get people and things in and out, just like Tesla Model X with its Falcon Wing windows, which open instead of out. It is not a rolling SUV, but the top of the MX-30 is only slightly more than 5 feet high, and it is 14 feet long. Mazda shows:

One of the most outstanding features of the MX-30 is its unique center-pillar-less Freestyle doors with custom-designed hinges that allow the front doors to open to 82° and rear doors to open to 80°. This not only makes entering and exiting the car and loading and unloading cargo easier but also provides easier access for strollers and wheelchairs.
The wide angle to which the front doors open was designed to facilitate this wide variety of usage styles. For example, the layout and the absence of a center pillar make it possible to bring a stroller right up beside the rear seat and smoothly and comfortably put a baby into a child seat while maintaining eye contact.
The front door is opened first, followed by the rear door, and both can be opened without changing position. Opening the freestyle doors wide provides a new view and, in addition to improving access, opens a range of new possibilities for enjoying the car.
For instance, drivers may wish to take time out of their daily routine to stop by the park, open up the doors and listen to the sounds of nature for a few moments or to use the car like base camp from which to enjoy outdoor activities with their friends.
To further enhance the freedom of ingress and egress provided by the Freestyle doors, the height and shape of the door openings are designed in accordance with human characteristics. The rear door trim adopts a vertical grip that makes opening and closing the door easier and that does not place much burden on the wrist when reaching for it, even with the door wide open.
The front seats are equipped with a walk-in mechanism that, with a single touch, folds the seatback forward and simultaneously slides the whole seat toward the front.1  The folding angle and slide distance were chosen in consideration of the occupant's body movements, ensuring smooth entry to and exit from the rear seats. The cross-section of the side sills and shape of the side sill garnish are also carefully designed to facilitate smooth, effortless exit from the cabin.

The driving dynamics are a central feature in any Mazda and the MX-30 is no exception. The torque vector control Electric G-Vectoring Control Plus enables the driver to push their weight onto a front corner and then shift to the rear when it exits. A single power generator and other parts are mounted up front while the battery below the ground improves strength.