Master & Dynamic is known for its high-speed headphones and the MW07 was no exception to his first true, portable earpiece package. The MW07 suffered from a few key problems, given the audio quality and more practical features. First of all, the fee lasted just 3.5 hours.

That figure was very low even a year ago. Furthermore, it was slightly better than much of the competition for the Bluetooth range. In 2019, M&D went back to the drawing board to create two new models, although the MW07 Plus ($299) succeeds the MW07 directly. Above all, it resolved the two problems in the first version.

The MW07 Plus now offers 10 hours of time to hear on a charge with respect to battery life. The included aluminum charging case includes three full charges so that, depending on the company, you could wait for up to 40 hours before touching an USB C cable. The earbuds can load in 15 minutes to 50 percent and the full load takes 40 minours thanks to a fast loading feature.

This is valid for both the earbuds and the whole collection, both of which refer to the respective system. With support for aptX and the SBC, M&D upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0 to a maximum distance of 100 feet (30 metres).  I have had some problems on the initial MW07 with wireless services, and I look forward to reviewing this number during a complete review.

On the MW07 Plus, Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) was also included. You can activate ANC and the ambient sound mode with a long press via the on-board volume controls–or turn them off completely. Among battery updates and noise cancelations, M&D has managed to do so without raising the price here and it is very remarkable. The entrance defense of MW07 Plus to IPX5 water resistance is also improved by the Master & Dynamic.

While the latest MW07 go could be an alternative for the pool, during your workout sessions, the MW07 Plus will stay in place. The company says it filters out ambient noise to focus on your voice four beam-forming microphones, two on each side. There are also physical controls that allow you to adapt the volume, pause or play tracks without having to pick up your phone. You can activate the voice assistant.

The MW07 Plus, like the MW07, has acetate bins. Master & Dynamic chose material, which is commonly used in sunglasses and eyeglass frames, so that its earbuds have a punch of colour. In its goods, the company uses a great deal of steel and fabric but as you can't use those on actual wireless devices (besides the case), it preferred acetate to be the "premium" stuff.

The Tortoiseshell, White Marble, Steel Blue and Black Quartz come in four colors. The last colorway is a special edition of Kevin Durant / Studio 35. Earlier this year Durant and his thirty-five companies spent in M&D. Three sizes of its fit wings and five different earrings options are available in the MW07 Plus. The MW07 Plus is now available for $299 from Master & Dynamic at Best Buy on October 20.