It's occurring a little later than normal in the season, but today you can download the latest update of macOS from Apple. Catalina follows on the heels of iOS 13, which after an originally difficult release saw several back-to-back updates. I have been using successive iterations of the Catalina beta as my daily driver for months now for what it's worth and can guarantee you that the new update is secure enough to download safely.

Engadget will shortly release a comprehensive review of the program. The explanation we are waiting: A few main features will not be available to try until today's OS ships are done. It covers so-called Catalyst features that were first and then migrated to the Mac for the iPad. At release, you will be able to download some big-name cross-overs: Facebook, TripIt, Rosetta Stone, Post-It and the Asphalt 9 play, among many others.  

Talking of players, Catalina alpha users will also be able to perform Apple Arcade games games for the first time today. If you're curious how the hell you're going to play those Mac hits, note that many Arcade games are using Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

Even new to this release: You'll see avatars for guests and hosts as you browse episodes in the podcast app. Apple also says some minor design changes have been made to Sidecar, which allows you to use an iPad as a secondary Mac screen. In the new TV update, that makes sense— the streaming service releases

November 1st, you will also see more exclusive Apple TV+ content. It will cost $4.99 a month, but with the purchase of a new Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, Apple is offering a free year. All told, as the Catalina demo opened to the public back in June, some pretty minor changes.

Further than that, it should sound familiar to people who used or at least read about the early technology. In short, the features are all about. For example, there are the iPad ports along with some of Apple's redesigned and brand new first-party apps. It covers downloadable songs, podcasts, and television programs; a streamlined Reminders app; and new features in Notes, Safari, Gmail, and Images.

There is also a special "Find My app that allows you to see your phones on a map, including those without mobile connectivity. Apple senses the presence in gadgets such as notebooks that are not wired to a cellular network utilizing encrypted Bluetooth information from other moving Apple devices.

In the settings menu, you will also find expansive Screen Time choices, more or less in line with what is already available on iOS. And a new Voice Control feature provides granular control over the operating system for quadriplegics and other people with limited flexibility. An Apple spokesman says the app should be able to distinguish between Voice Control commands and Siri questions in its final form without becoming confused.

Keep an eye out for our complete review and note to back up all of your things before you install new apps. Happy update and let us know how the setup works in the section.