It's all about what you don't see. Despite years of demos at trade shows, we haven't seen a lot of practical use of jaw-dropping translucent OLED screens.

If others don't use the software, so LG will have to set an example on its own, clear to the public this month in Harrods ' iconic display windows in Hans Crescent.

They're better seen here if on the transparent 55-inch screens between October 7th and 28th you can't make a London ride to gawk.

Credit: The Verge

In addition to using them as attention-grabbing promotional displays straight from a dystopian movie, LG and Harrod's are also partnering together to showcase the new OLED TV models, both using the panels of the Korean business.

We've seen a few implementations of see-through LCD technology in refrigerators and other products, and OLED with its individually-backlit pixels should be even better.

Nonetheless, just as we saw in home TVs, OLED rates have not fallen to match LCD and that's likely just as much of an explanation why these displays are still so few and far between.