Not to be outdone by Samsung, the Chinese tech giant Huawei is researching 6G at its R&D center in Ottawa, Canada, according to reports from The Logic.

Thus, Huawei gets temporary relief from its U.S ban, although 6G is a faraway reality. Although 5G isn't yet commonly accessible to the public, and has caused Huawei trouble, the company has a focus on telecommunications. As 5G is still about two years away from being mainstream, 6G is not anticipated to be available until around 2030.

Huawei has a lot on its plate at the moment. For one, Huawei is still in the middle of rectifying the whole Trump - Google debacle, that has left the company and Huawei's customer base shaken. Recently, the company unwrapped HongMeng OS, a proprietary software. Therefore, Google retracted Android's support from Huawei devices.

Nevertheless, Huawei has resources and it'll continue to use them to spearhead projects and advance its interest in the ever-volatile tech industry, although it may take longer than usual for them to become reality. The foldable Mate X phone, for example, is unlikely to come out before November, which means a delay from the previously slated September release date. This gives Samsung the upper-hand in the foldable phone race, as the company is fairly confident it will be able to kick off sales next month.