FaceTime and WhatsApp might cost you. You may want to consider starting an internet phone call if you are planning a trip to Beirut.  The company of Lebanon has settled on a 20% average VoIP mobile charge for various service requests, including FaceTime Audio and WhatsApp.

The government believes that it is in need of money–an economic emergency it announced recently in order to secure funding, and eradicate debt, and an additional $200 million annually is raked by the internet calling tax.

Credit: Engadget

Without some sort of payment, this would not come. Minister of telecom Mohamed Chouchair promised that he would publish "something in exchange" next week.

Exactly this is not an exorbitant charge. You can talk to the contents of your heart once the call starts, if you feel compelled to call Facebook messengers while you are in Beirut. It could, however, prevent people from actively using VoIP.

You may  use voice or video chats to email them. In Lebanon, you can not only use one indie provider to help you skirt around the voice ban if you have only two (state-controlled) carriers.