We want to hear what you think if you own this economical handset. OnePlus has earned a lot of fans already with affordable high-end phones like the 6T.

Our reviewers Richard Lai commended the strong hardware and slick software performance of the handset, while our user reviews echo his praise for the camera, battery life and the Oxygen Ossystem.

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"For the moment, my favorite OnePlus phone has been called by Richard the 7 Pro and gave him a score of 91 (2 points higher than 6 T)." Do you agree with the evaluation of Richard when you bought the 7 Pro? What's your favorite telephone feature?

How did the Dolby Atmos and the AMOLED screens speak? Can you warn others of the 7 Pro? In a user review of our OnePlus 7 Pro product page, provide us with the details! Please remember that your feedback may be part of the upcoming user review round, so do not skip any details.

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