Instagram - everyone's favorite photo-sharing app - will now let its users to report posts that contain 'false information.' Reported posts may be sent to one of Instagram's fact-checkers, and the post could eventually be concealed from Instagram's Explore page and hashtag pages.

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In other words, if you find fake news or misinformation in the app, you can now report it, and it has the possibility to be removed from the more public-facing areas of the app. A small step in order to be more secure, and this could potentially have a more lasting effect. Instagram previously announced that it would hide posts fact-checkers had deemed 'false,' but there was no way for personal users to report posts.

"Starting today, individuals can tell us if they see posts on Instagram they consider incorrect," said Stephanie Otway, Instagram Spokesperson, in a declaration. "We are investing strongly to restrict the spread of misinformation across our applications, and we intend to share more updates in the coming months."

Otway said that the new user reports will be used to help train Instagram's AI technology, that could eventually automatically detect some types of false information.