Perfect for late-night Insta binges. Following the introduction of Apple's device-wide dark mode on iOS 13 and a similar feature in Android 10, users were able to change their software elements and compatible applications to a white-on-black theme.

Today, Instagram is also going over to the dark side, giving all smartphone operating systems a dark mode in its app. The dark mode for Instagram refers to the configuration of the iOS and Android device.

If you have dark mode allowed on your phone, you should see that the app changes to a black background with white text automatically when you get the latest Instagram update.

Nevertheless, the iOS app from Twitter functions differently: you can configure it to fit system-wide dark mode settings or you can manually allow dark mode.

Go to Preferences, then Display and Brightness and select Dark to allow dark mode on your iPhone. There's also a toggle to allow your iPhone to change to dark mode at night and return to light mode during the day.

Go to Settings then Screen, then Advanced, and then choose Dark from the User theme menu to allow dark mode on your Android device.