The feature comes courtesy of Facebook’s Spark AR platform. Facebook also encourages you to use its Spark AR app to digitally test products you can purchase from Instagram as part of its continuing trade drive.

Instagram confirmed in an email that, in addition to MAC and NARS makeup, it has launched a pilot where you can try out eyewear from Ray-Ban and Warby Parker. The app is directly accessible from feed articles as well as from shop pages and tales.

The app also helps you to play with various colors and designs. Through clicking a color slider to the bottom of the screen, you can see how different shades feel. Once you've sampled an item, without leaving Instagram, you can buy it.

You can also invite your friends by stories or direct messages to put something on. You will need the latest version of Instagram on iOS or Android to search the functionality.

While Facebook seems impossible to find a way to use Spark AR to sell products, with the app, the business has also done fun things. The company opened Spark AR in August, allowing anyone to create their own augmented reality filters.