You'll need a new way to follow on your friends. Instagram will be sunsetting one of its most notorious— but lesser-known— functions beginning this week. Going on, Buzzfeed News reports that the app drops the "Flollowing" button.

If the app is unknown to you, it shows new likes and comments from the users you are watching. It also displays any new accounts that might have been added to their list. It can be reached through the heart tab, which is the same section of the Instagram app where you see your account's views and new followers.

To make matters worse, through the accompanying window, most people found out a little too much about the desires from their peers. On the other side, all the good doggos that your mates are watching can be seen. On the other side, you could also see all the templates of Instagram we want. It hasn't been a good scene.

Instagram's Vishal Shah told the company to delete the app from Buzzfeed News because it didn't get much use. "People weren't always conscious of the level of their operation," Shah told the website. "So you've got a situation where it doesn't fit the use scenario you've designed for, but it also causes people to be shocked when their action occurs."

He said, "Simplicity was the driving factor." Instagram first introduced "Following" back in 2011. Nonetheless, the "Search" section of the app does a much better job at surfacing interesting content as a way to discover new accounts and images.