IKEA's blinding of its FYRTUR blackout continues to be the truly confusing saga in the USA. Initially, the company planned to release it on 1 April, before the launch was postponed until 1 October. Then came the designated date, and there was no place for the blinds.

After The Verge asked IKEA to comment on the situation, the company has given the "later this year" updated release date vague. Now it seems that you are buying the blinds, but only if you live in certain parts of the country, HomeKit Hero says.

Looking at the Reddit reports, the publication found that the blinds began filtering the way to IKEA stores throughout the United States and compiled a list of their availability. Only a few IKEA stores sell blinds when they write this article. These include stores in Covina and West Sacramento in California, Colorado's store in Centennial, Indiana's Fishers, Utah's Draper, and Portland's Oregon.

You actually can't buy blinds online if you don't live near any of these shops. In fact, not every store sells both 30 and 32-inch models and there is a limited amount of stock available. The online inventory tracker at IKEA suggests that some places are starting to store their blinds on the 20th of October, but it is unclear whether that date is a national start.